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Krypto Krime Fighters by Charbunstar Krypto Krime Fighters by Charbunstar
To be honest, I'm really a fan of Krypto when I was younger and I really enjoyed the show, so I made this.

It would have been awesome if they made a video game of Krypto and his friends. If this was really happening, I would freak out! XD

Basically Krypto Krime Fighters would be like an beat'em up game where you fight many bad guys and enemies, then at the mid or end point of the stage, you'll face one of the main villains from the show, who is working with Mechanikat to take over the world. There would be 8 stages in total and on stage 1-7, you have to rescue each of the dog stars who were kidnappeded. The last stage would be Mechanikat's spaceship and you'll have to defeat Mechanikat once and for all. And it doesn't end there. There would be levels for sepefic characters in certain episodes, make the game last longer.


Krypto the Superdog (Start)
Streaky the Supercat (Start)
Ace the Bathound (Start)
Kevin Whitney (Start)

Paw Pooch (Rescue him in Stage 1)
Bull Dog (Rescue him in Stage 2)
Tusky Husky (Rescue him in Stage 3)
Tail Terrier (Rescue him in Stage 4)
Hot Dog (Rescue him in Stage 5)
Mammoth Mutt (Rescue her in Stage 6)
Brainey Barker (Rescue her in Stage 7)

Andrea Sussman (Beat the main game twice OR beat the main game with Streaky or Kevin)
Stretch O Mutt (Beat the main game 4 times OR beat the main game with Krypto and Ace)
Squeaky (Play over 24 hours OR beat clear the game in 120mins or less with Streaky)
Robbie the Robin (Play over 48 hours OR beat over 2000 enemies with Ace)
Bizzaro Krypto? (Clear all events)

Jumpa the Kangaroo (DLC)
Ch'p the Squirrel (DLC)
Dom (DLC)
Judgement (DLC)

And here are what the control would be like in this game. It would be similar to DBZ budokai or Virutal Fighter:

(Note: This is what the controls would look like from an Xbox controller.)

The "X" button would be a simple 3 hit combo.

The "A" button would be to jump.

The "B" & "Y" button would be your combo ender, which can be a knockback or other finishes of the attack. Then are basically the heavier, but more powerful attacks.

The "RB" button is to guard.

The "RT" button is to run.

The "LB" & "LT" button OR doing "QCF" or "QCB" and attacking with the "X", "Y", ot "B" activates the charater's special attack. (Cost MP, and it slowly refills)

Anyway, that's basically the concept of what I've just described. Anyway, enjoy the picture. XD


Krypto the Superdog © Warner Brothers & DC Comics
Comickook Featured By Owner Apr 28, 2016
Thanks for sharing this fanart and the info on your fan-game. :-D
Charbunstar Featured By Owner Apr 28, 2016  Student Traditional Artist
You're welcome! And yeah, I've planned so much for this.
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